On 17|07|2023 Published on 17|07|2023
As part of its efforts to forge closer links with the industrial technical centres by 2023, ALLICE welcomes a new shareholder in its governance structure, the CTP (Centre Technique du Papier – Paper technical center), which will now contribute to the overall strategy of the alliance alongside its founding members: CETIAT (Technical Centre for Thermal and Aeraulic), CETIM (Technical Centre for Mechanical Industries), CTCPA (Agri-Food Technical Centre), CTMNC (Technical Centre for Natural Building Materials) and Blunomy.

The CTP's arrival highlights the close connections and shared values between ALLICE and the Industrial Technical Centres (CTIs): The CTIs and ALLICE communicate regularly with manufacturers in their respective sectors and work together to speed up the decarbonisation of their industries and boost their competitiveness. The partnership between ALLICE and the CTP will have mutual benefits: ALLICE can rely on the CTP's expertise in technical and energy matters, particularly in the decarbonisation of processes and utilities. This partnership will also enable the paper industry to develop initiatives and identify areas for action in support of their decarbonisation plan.

CTP's innovation and expertise in service of Allice's activities

ALLICE's strength and foundation lie in the close links it maintains with all the actors that compose the French industrial sector, which is made up of large industrial groups as well as highly diversified SMEs and ETIs. The arrival of CTP strengthens the Alliance's links with the 80 paper manufacturers that compose the French industrial landscape. The CTP can leverage its innovation capabilities and experience from past and ongoing projects to promote energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. This is also a chance for ALLICE to discover new practices employed by paper manufacturers that may be beneficial to manufacturers in other sectors, especially those with high heat demands.


The introduction of CTP at ALLICE presents an opportunity for the paper industry to utilize new methods for decarbonisation and enhancing energy efficiency to improve competitiveness. Although COPACEL's decarbonisation roadmap predicts that the market will expand by 8.2 million tonnes in 2030, the industry must still undertake measures to decrease its carbon dioxide emissions. This energy consumption is primarily caused by the drying process of paper and cardboard. ALLICE's current and future efforts will address the main decarbonisation methods identified by COPACEL, including energy efficiency, biomass cogeneration, decarbonized heat, and biogas self-consumption.

Gilles Lénon, CEO, Centre Technique du Papier

 « Energy plays a crucial role in the daily operations of the pulp, paper, cardboard, and converting/printing industries. For over 30 years, the CENTRE TECHNIQUE DU PAPIER has been gathering expertise at the request of its national and international customers. Our research projects frequently focus on enhancing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions in our processes and utilities as part of our collective action programmes. The ALLICE Alliance presents new opportunities for synergies among members on shared topics. ALLICE could accelerate certain developments supported by the CTP and our industrial partners, such as the widespread use of high-temperature heat pumps. In general, our manufacturers have expressed their desire for the CTP to be ALLICE's primary point of contact to represent the needs of the industry. This way, the CTP will ensure that future initiatives can align with the paper industry's decarbonisation roadmap. Together, we are more dedicated than ever to exploring all possible technological resources to enhance the competitiveness of the French industry and deal with the complexities of industrial reality in a collaborative effort. » 

Christophe Debard, Chairman, ALLICE
« It is great news that the CTP is now a part of ALLICE, as this will contribute to the collective progress we are attempting to make! We encourage the emergence of knowledge that benefits everyone by bringing together manufacturers from various sectors. The CTP, as a fully committed innovator, will have a lot to contribute to our work and our network, in particular a set of best practices and levers that can be activated for manufacturers who also have strong thermal needs. ALLICE can serve as a tool for the paper industry to deploy their decarbonisation levers and find new ones, as well as a catalyst for collective innovation. Pooling knowledge and feedback from various sectors is crucial to accelerate the decarbonisation of the industry as a whole. »