Our founders and shareholders

ALLICE (Industrial Alliance for Competitiveness and Energy Efficiency) was created in July 2018, at the initiative of CETIAT, associated with CETIM, CTCPA and Blunomy (ex-ENEA Consulting). They were joined in 2020 by CTIF and CTMNC and by CTP in 2023.
ALLICE relies on the skills of these technical centres, as well as Blunomy (ex-ENEA Consulting) that specialises in energy transition.


« CETIAT is the Technical Centre for Heating, Air Conditioning and Air Handling Industries, a sector that proposes technologies and equipment to improve energy efficiency in industry. Boosting energy efficiency is the main theme of CETIAT actions and therefore CETIAT’s involvement in the creation of ALLICE was natural.

ALLICE makes it possible to reach across existing borders between industrial sectors to work on energy efficiency, in a fully transversal way with respect to the different fields of activities and technologies.

ALLICE is an extended Technical Centre and like CTIs (Industrial Technical Centres), its operation and governance allow the expectations of each company to be taken into account, whatever its economic weight. »
Pierre Claudel
Director general

« Cetim is the Technical Centre of Mechanical Industries. Mechanical engineering is at the heart of industry and consequently of environmental stakes. Without bearings, there would be no wind power; without turbines, there would be no hydraulic, nuclear or biomass electricity production and without clean technology, no preservation of our environment, etc. For many years now, the sector has also been taking steps to improve its own environmental performance by focusing its developments on the priorities defined in the French law on energy transition for green growth (LTECV). To support this production sector, Cetim has amplified its actions in this field and accompanies the sector’s energy transition.

Within the CTI network, Cetim is the Technical Centre of the Decarbonized Industry of the Future and its actions are focused on four priorities: reducing energy consumption and carbon footprints, reducing pollutant emissions, implementing the circular economy and developing renewable energies. These actions support the mechanical industry so that it can accentuate its effort to provide innovative solutions in this field for all industries.

Cetim's action within ALLICE is in line with the natural transfer of know-how in the field of energy efficiency, by connecting players in the value chain to disseminate the best practices of the system approach. The conviviality developed within the Club Prime meetings and the events organized by ALLICE are a major asset for this Energy and Environmental Transition. »
Philippe Lubineau
Director of research and programs


Vincent Thibault
Deputy director general
« CTCPA (Technical Centre for the Conservation of Agricultural Products) is an Industrial Technical Centre (CTI) qualified as an Agro-Industrial Technical Institute (ITAI) by the Ministry of Agriculture. It is a member of Actia and the CTI network. It is the reference centre for manufacturers of preserved and dehydrated food products.

Taking up the challenges of companies in our sector and more broadly of the AFIs to move towards sustainable food, we are directing our new Contract of Objectives and Means towards areas of work that will enable them to maintain their activities while helping them to integrate the issues of ecological and energy transitions.

We are convinced that we will be able to bring them the necessary innovations and help them to change through our involvement in ALLICE. The actions that it will deploy through studies, and the connections between all the players in the energy sector will drive the industrial choices of tomorrow. »

« BLUNOMY (formerly Enea Consulting) is a strategy consultancy specialising in the challenges of energy and environmental transition. To meet these challenges, we provide support to all economic players, from the world's major energy companies to industries and entrepreneurs involved in energy access, not forgetting financial players (banks and investment funds). Blunomy advises them - from the definition of strategy at COMEX and General Management levels to the definition of a marketing or financial vision - and supports them operationally in the implementation of their project.

Blunomy has opted for shareholder independence and expertise in order to offer a global approach to energy and environmental issues, capable of developing innovative, high-performance solutions. Blunomy has 120+ employees in all its offices (Paris, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne), with complementary and varied backgrounds (former Industrial Director of a CAC40 company, entrepreneurs, financing experts, technology experts, former CEO of IPP, etc.) enabling us to offer our customers a truly systemic vision. »
Vincent De Givry

« CTMNC is an Industrial Technical Centre (ITC) that works to promote innovative technologies and to develop the quality of building materials in its two sectors: fired-clay material and natural stone. Joining ALLICE has proved to be a real opportunity, as it allows us to go beyond existing borders between industrial sectors to work together on a topic, energy efficiency, which impacts all the different fields of activity and technologies.

We wanted to become a shareholder in the structure because, as a CTI, we knew that we could play a driving role in its development. Moreover, we are now in an innovation approach that includes the implementation within 5 years of a new modular and flexible test platform where we could both test different technologies and measure the impact that they can have on an industrial clay product. These innovations will always have to be fed and thanks to ALLICE, we will remain informed of technology intelligence in a timely manner. It can enable us to federate and build our innovation project and enrich our roadmap over the next few years in line with the predominant energy efficiency issues in our industry, particularly that of decarbonising industry.»
Olivier Dupont
Associate executive director

"The pulp, paper, cardboard and converting/printing industries are industries in which energy plays an important role on a daily basis. For more than 30 years, the Paper Industrial Center (CTP) has been building up a wealth of expertise at the request of its industrial customers and international clients. Our research projects, which are part of our collective action programmes, very often include energy efficiency and decarbonisation of processes and utilities.

The ALLICE Alliance now offers us a new potential for synergies on subjects shared with its members. Certain developments carried out by the CTP and our industrial partners, such as the widespread use of high-temperature heat pumps, could be accelerated within ALLICE. More generally, our industrial partners have reaffirmed their desire for the CTP to be ALLICE's privileged contact so that it can express the needs of the profession. In this way, the CTP will ensure that future initiatives can emerge and converge with the paper industry's decarbonisation roadmap.

Together, in a collective effort, we are more committed than ever to exploring all the technological levers at our disposal to make the French industry competitive and manage the complexity of industrial reality".

Gilles Lénon
Director general