Initiation of collaborative projects

The various meetings organized by ALLICE for its members (Club Prime, technical workshops, etc.) are opportunities for them to share their needs, sometimes informally. We identify common topics and help them to pool their research efforts within collaborative projects.
We can produce different types of projects:

  • • First, innovative collaborative projects, that are developed at one of the project actors’ sites. For example, in 2022 we facilitated the emergence of two projects to develop new drying processes. 
  • We also support our members with their projects and studies studies that are not directly linked to innovation, but that respond to a challenge for the sector. For example, for the Forge-Foundry Federation, ALLICE is collaborating with GRDF on a guide to low-investment operations and good practices for energy efficiency. Programs have been started to duplicate this pilot project in other sectors.
  • • Finally, in the case where some members express needs for technical studies that are too specific for the whole community, ALLICE can consider dedicated projects within the framework of a collaborative project. We can also get involved in projects on a case-by-case basis, as we are currently doing in the framework of the European project of our member ENERTIME.
At the same time, the regular discussions that we have with our members allow us to be at the origin of informal contacts that could eventually lead to projects.

Moreover, in 2022, ALLICE started to focus on working more closely with competitiveness clusters in all sectors, to reinforce cross-cutting connections and facilitate the setting up of projects linking solution providers with industrial users.