Initiation of collaborative projects

The various meetings organized by ALLICE for its members (Club Prime, technical workshops, etc.) are opportunities for them to share their needs, sometimes informally. We identify common topics and help them to pool their research efforts within collaborative projects.
Our role is to:
  • Support the technical structuring of the project and its launch
  • Identify industrial and academic partners and facilitate networking
  • Direct project leaders to appropriate funding
  • Help to obtain a label from our partners if necessary
These projects are then financed by the members who lead them. They hold the industrial property rights for the results, according to the terms they define together.
In 2020, ALLICE facilitated the emergence of two collaborative projects: :

  • A drying modelling and predictive control project to optimise the operation of dryers
  • A project to recover waste heat in the paper industry
Several topics are currently being initiated and may emerge during the year.

Other initiatives have been launched, but they are not yet mature enough or lack funding:

  • An optimal instrumentation project for monitoring the energy performance of an industrial process
  • A data analysis methodology to identify steady-state conditions for industrial processes
ALLICE's work coordinating the sector, in partnership with ATEE, to develop new standardised French Energy Saving Certificate (CEE) operation forms could also lead to the launch of collaborative projects when these forms are more specifically supported by a few members: this is the case, for example, for a form on the recovery of waste heat from industrial thermal process effluents.

In the event that certain members express needs that are too far removed from common concerns to give rise to the emergence of collaborative projects, ALLICE can examine the implementation of specific studies.