Representation of the sector

Our role is to represent the voice of the industry to institutional bodies and to publicise and promote the work of our members to key market players. This leads us to organise or participate in various events, whether they take place in person or in digital format.

  • The ALLICE biennial congress dedicated to industry decarbonisation
Our biennial ALLICE Congress is held every odd-numbered year in Paris. This event, largely supported by ADEME, provides an overview of the issues and studies concerning all the industrial decarbonisation levers, whether technological (energy efficiency, energy mix, digital contributions, CO2 storage, etc.) or linked to the emergence of sustainable business models and to securing investments.
It includes the presentation of pioneering feedback, start-up pitches, presentations by institutions and investors, and offers time to meet solution providers in an atmosphere conducive to making new professional contacts.

  • FIRE : A meeting dedicated to waste heat co-organized with CETIAT
Every two years, ALLICE organizes this event dedicated to waste heat in association with one of its founders, CETIAT. Open to all industrial operators upon registration, FIRE presents a tangible range of efficient solutions to decarbonise processes by recovering waste heat. The range of relevant presentations concretely convey the stakes, the opportunities, and the challenges of these operations to a wide range of actors (steel industry, pharmaceuticals, food industry, etc.).

FIRE’s transversal position makes it the ideal forum for decision support, allowing industrial operators to exchange, share their problems, pool their knowledge, and promote a form of innovation beneficial to all.

ALLICE also organized a technical day in partnership with AXELERA and Tenerrdis in 2022 on the decarbonisation of the energy mix in industry and is also organizing a meeting day with them in 2023 on solutions for reducing energy consumption on industrial sites.

ALLICE can also organize public webinars. We organized two in 2022 on the electrification potential of industrial processes, and on the potential of decarbonised gases integration in industry, to widely share the lessons learned from public summary reports made with the support of ADEME.

  • Participation in external events
ALLICE promotes its work and its members at various partner and external events – CETIAT's Industrial Forum for Energy Recovery, CHISA Congress, PEXE, Tenerrdis, Axelera, ATEE, ADEME, InnoEnergy, Carnot Institutes, various CCIs, Avenia cluster – or trade fairs such as Pollutec, Energies pour l'Industrie, Energy Class Factory, Ecotech Energie Meetings, etc.

  • Online communication: social media, website and newsletter
Our website is both a vector of visibility for our members and a working tool: we make available to them, via the extranet, all the detailed results of our studies, various reports and publications and the directory of members to facilitate their networking.

Finally, we promote the work of ALLICE, our members and the entire energy efficiency sector through our LinkedIn page and our monthly newsletter, where we report on the latest news from the sector and our partners. In addition to technical work, we strive to offer content that is accessible to all concerned operators and to highlight, through expert interviews or testimonials, the concrete impacts and benefits for manufacturers of committing to an ambitious approach to energy efficiency and the decarbonisation of their processes.

  • Collective representation towards institutions
Our cross-sectoral representation of a range of industries to different players – solution providers, operators, prescribers, utilities, academics – makes us a legitimate contact for the public authorities: we are thus a member of the Strategic Committee of "New Energy Systems" and involved in the CEE system and the creation of new standardised industry operations, in partnership with ATEE. We wish to position ourselves as the primary technical contact of public authorities, capable of providing high quality expertise and services thanks to our knowledge of the sector’s issues and technologies.

Work is also underway on:

  • Predictive control, with a collaborative project on modelling drying to optimise the operation of dryers to the "strictly necessary" level.
  • An optimal instrumentation project to monitor the energy performance of an industrial process.