Why join?

ALLICE's mission is to accelerate the development of new technologies, methodologies and efficient industrial applications for the decarbonisation of industry.

Our cross-sectoral approach, bringing together all the players in the energy efficiency field – industrial operators, solution providers, utilities, prescribers, financing organisations and research centres – allows us to collect objectives and needs in order to:

  • Identify study topics that can be the subject of resource and funding pooling: joining ALLICE means benefiting each year from several collective studies whose funding would be more difficult for our individual members to access;
  • Accelerate the emergence of collaborative projects;
  • Promote the innovations of our members at technical events;
  • Speak for the sector to the competent institutional bodies, from a solid base of base of legitimacy.
Furthermore, ALLICE's mission is to help the industrial energy efficiency sector to become more competitive, including internationally. The economic dimension is therefore key, not only in the work carried out, but also in the organisation of our structure:

  • All our studies are chosen by our members either to be exploitable in the short term or as more forward looking studies of identified market challenges whose long-term anticipation is essential for their continuity.
  • Our studies, state of the art overviews and roadmaps are carried out with a techno-economic approach: financial feasibility, market potential, necessary investments, risk hedging, etc. are always correlated with the strictly technical aspects.
  • We rely on the skills of our ecosystem of partners, which allow us to call on the best experts in each subject, but also to be a constantly agile team, with no duplication of existing structures and therefore with very limited operating costs. Our members' contributions are used as efficiently as possible.
By joining ALLICE, you are joining a unique structure. You are also joining a structure run by a team of enthusiasts, who feel that the conviviality and pleasure of meeting our members could never be detrimental to our efficiency!