Community facilitation

In order to create the conditions for experience sharing, the emergence of new ideas and an atmosphere conducive to exchange, ALLICE ensures the facilitation of the members' community.
For certain topics, a large contribution from all the concerned stakeholders is welcome to reinforce the representativeness of the results. In that case, we open participative sessions to interested companies, even non-members.

  • Club Prime, the heart of ALLICE
Held three times a year, Club Prime is the main forum of ALLICE's community. Members share practices, expertise, feedback and concerns... these exchanges take place in a convivial setting and according to the principles of trust and collaboration set out in a charter of commitments that everyone agrees on.

Within this body, the members propose and decide on the collective studies carried out by the structure for all its members. Once completed, this work is presented and evaluated by the members. It is also the place where common needs emerge that could give rise to collaborative projects, the positioning of which can then be refined during technical workshops.

It also welcomes external speakers who bring their own experience or present new topics.

  • Technical workshops reserved for members
These workshops bring together members concerned by a specific subject such as the sizing of heat exchangers or the optimal design of processes. Depending on the topics addressed, members are represented by different experts from their teams, in order to achieve a high level of technical expertise.
These workshops make it possible to share information and knowledge, to analyse state of the art or techno-economic studies, to collect needs in order to find solutions or to propose topics for joint or collaborative projects.
  • Participatory workshops open to all
Some topics benefit from being opened up to a wider audience. This is the case, for example, with CEE Energy Savings Certificates. These are powerful financing levers for innovative energy efficiency actions, but they are not used to their full potential in industry because the sector needs a greater number of adapted forms. In order to be relevant, a standardised operation form must meet the needs of a large number of manufacturers. Faced with this challenge, ALLICE, in partnership with ATEE, is playing its role to the full and is bringing together all the players concerned - manufacturers, utilities, solution providers, delegatees - whether or not they are members, during participative technical days to help ideas for new operations emerge. ALLICE then works with ATEE to create new standardised operation forms for industry and submit them to the competent authorities.