Community facilitation

In order to create the conditions for experience sharing, the emergence of new ideas and an atmosphere conducive to exchange, ALLICE ensures the facilitation of the members' community.
For certain topics, a large contribution from all the concerned stakeholders is welcome to reinforce the representativeness of the results. In that case, we open participative sessions to interested companies, even non-members.

  • Club Prime, the heart of ALLICE
Held three times a year, Club Prime is the main forum of ALLICE's community. Members share practices, expertise, feedback and concerns... these exchanges take place in a convivial setting and according to the principles of trust and collaboration set out in a charter of commitments that everyone agrees on.

Within this body, the members propose and decide on the collective studies carried out by the structure for all its members. Once completed, this work is presented and evaluated by the members. It is also the place where common needs emerge that could give rise to collaborative projects, the positioning of which can then be refined during technical workshops.

It also welcomes external speakers who bring their own experience or present new topics.

  • Facilitation of the AIE IETS Mirror Committee
The IEA (International Energy Agency) created the TCPs (Technology Collaboration Program) to enable private sector and research actors to meet, share and build knowledge on specific themes.

Among these TCPs, ADEME joined the TCP IETS (Industrial Energy-Related Technologies and Systems) in 2018. ADEME is the French actor involved in 4 Tasks, directly or through representatives with whom it composes a France Mirror Committee: Industrial excess heat recovery (Task 15); Digitization, artificial intelligence and related technologies for energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction in industry (Task 18); Electrification in industry (Task 19); Knowledge sharing on industrial energy transition roadmaps (Task 20).

ADEME mandated the ALLICE Alliance to lead the France Mirror Committee for the 2021-2022 period.
  • The elaboration of CEE sheets
The facilitation work carried in the sector out by ALLICE in partnership with ATEE aims to produce new standardised operation sheets for the French CEE program (Energy Saving Certificates). ALLICE is particularly legitimate in this role since we identify relevant solutions for energy efficiency and decarbonisation in the framework of our collective work. The creation of CEE sheets allows us to help bring these solutions to market thanks to this financing tool. ALLICE collaborates with industrial companies to create these sheets. On this mission, we work closely with the coordinator of the scheme, ATEE, as well as the other stakeholders of the program: ADEME and DGEC.