ALLICE’s vocation and objectives

Industrial sector decarbonisation and energy transition must be accelerated to meet today’s urgent environmental and climate challenges and to limit the use of resources. To achieve this, it is essential to mobilise all players - industrial operators, solution providers, specifiers, utilities, research centres - in a cross-sectoral approach, in order to facilitate the transfer of technologies and to conduct projects enriched by a diversity of stakeholders.

For this, a dedicated and neutral leadership structure capable of facilitating exchanges and bringing together currently dispersed players, while taking into account the economic dimension of the sector, was created. This is how ALLICE (Industrial Alliance for Competitiveness and Energy Efficiency) was born in July 2018, at the initiative of CETIAT, associated with CETIM, CTCPA and ENEA, joined in 2020 by CTIF and CTMNC.

Labelled as a pilot project by the Alliance Industrie du Futur, supported by the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME) and by the General Directorate for Enterprises (DGE) of the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance, ALLICE is ready to work with you to move towards a low-carbon industry together!


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Our news

On 10|07|2024 Published on 10|07|2024

FIRE 2024: Registration is now open !

On 09|04|2024 Published on 09|04|2024

The technical day dedicated to low carbon heat, organised by the ALLICE Alliance in partnership with CETIAT, is back in 2024! Join us in Lyon on Thursday 19 September for a discussion on the theme: "The heat path: the challenges, from production to recovery".


FIRE 2024: Submit your projects !

On 19|02|2024 Published on 19|02|2024

At a time when the imperatives of decarbonisation and energy efficiency are increasingly ambitious and imperative, FIRE is broadening its outlook and opening up to the full range of industrial heat issues. This change is part of a drive to present manufacturers with the existing levers for action, enabling them to tackle the use of heat in all its forms, as closely as possible to the challenges they face on a daily basis.


Our partner events at the beginning of the year!

On 06|02|2024 Published on 06|02|2024

At the beginning of 2024, ALLICE is working with its partners to support their initiatives in favour of decarbonisation and energy transition in the industrial sector. These meetings foster a collective dynamic that is beneficial to all, enabling exchanges on common themes and promoting knowledge sharing. We look forward to seeing you at Energies pour l'Industrie, the PEXE Eco-Companies Forum and MIX.E!


Zero Carbon Industry in Antwerp: ALLICE takes part!

On 25|01|2024 Published on 25|01|2024

ALLICE is taking part in the Zero Carbon Industry event on 30 and 31 January, organised by the ECEEE (European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy). Our project coordinator engineer Léo Pasquier will be presenting some of the findings of the "Decarbonisation of cooking and drying processes" study.


Recovering waste heat: ALLICE publishes a new explanatory infographic!

On 25|01|2024 Published on 25|01|2024

The industrial sector accounts for around 20% of French energy consumption. Most of this energy - 402 TWh according to INSEE in 2021 - is used or transformed into heat, with massive losses during its use. The issue of waste heat is therefore proving to be a real lever for industrial competitiveness, against a backdrop of rising energy prices. To help manufacturers think about and implement their actions, ALLICE has published an infographic to help them better understand how to optimise the energy consumption of their processes by recovering their waste heat.


Find out about the 2024 study topics voted for by members!

On 09|01|2024 Published on 09|01|2024

At the end of 2023, ALLICE members voted on the topics they would like to see implemented in 2024. Discover the list of our next study topics now!


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On 17|07|2023 Published on 17|07|2023

As part of its efforts to forge closer links with the industrial technical centres by 2023, ALLICE welcomes a new shareholder in its governance structure, the CTP (Centre Technique du Papier – Paper technical center), which will now contribute to the overall strategy of the alliance alongside its founding members: CETIAT (Technical Centre for Thermal and Aeraulic), CETIM (Technical Centre for Mechanical Industries), CTCPA (Agri-Food Technical Centre), CTMNC (Technical Centre for Natural Building Materials) and Blunomy.
The CTP's arrival highlights the close connections and shared values between ALLICE and the Industrial Technical Centres (CTIs).

On 23|05|2022 Published on 23|05|2022

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