Collective studies

Collective study and action topics are debated and chosen by the members. Thanks to ALLICE’s cross-sectoral approach, bringing together both supply and demand players, this forum for exchange allows complementary concerns from different sectors to examined and mutually enriched, and thus to identify avenues for progress and innovation projects.
Resulting from consensual choices integrating the vision of the orientation committee experts, they concern:

  • The realisation of collective studies: techno-economic studies or roadmaps
Led by ALLICE's team, who call on experts and stakeholders from our ecosystem as needed, they aim to deepen or update knowledge on a given topic, which may be highly technical or question the economic dimension of innovation. In all cases, they address the technical, regulatory and market aspects and propose a forward-looking approach. The complete results are reserved for ALLICE members and summary presentations are made at various events in order to make the sector more visible and to promote research developments.

  • State of the art overviews
Some technologies are not yet mature enough to be the subject of concrete technical and economic studies, and yet it is important for our members to be aware of them in order to anticipate their potential and to be one step ahead of the market when the technologies are sufficiently solid to be fully exploited. In that case, ALLICE compiles state of the art overviews.


Studies and state of the art overviews already carried out:
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In 2024, the following studies will be carried out:

  • Benchmark of European countries' support and measures for decarbonising industry
  • Summary of prospective studies on the future availability of biomass
  • Summary of prospective studies into the future availability of hydrogen
  • Deployment of heat pumps in industry: market, integration issues and emerging solutions
    • Market study of solutions available on the market
    • Techno-economic study of the integration of solutions available on the market
    • State of the art (updated 2021 study) on emerging solutions
  • Barriers and levers for the deployment of thermal storage
  • Flue gas treatment as a vector for industrial heat recovery
  • Ongoing technology intelligence
Around the world, new patents are filed every day, new publications and theses are published... In order to provide our members with an updated vision of their market, to better understand the position of players and to detect trends and opportunities, ALLICE provides them with:

  • A monthly newsletter containing the main news, events and publications in the field of energy efficiency and decarbonisation of industry
  • Detailed reports on the lessons learned from technical events relevant to the sector, organised by: Axelera, ATEE, PEXE, Forum 5I, International Flame Research Foundation, etc.