Business models and financing

To foster the development of decarbonisation and energy efficiency projects, it is necessary to perform market studies that take into account the full costs of use, to understand the financial and fiscal mechanisms that strengthen project relevance and to find new business models.
ALLICE-SchemaDI_BusinessModelsFinancing In most cases, energy performance projects are not sufficiently profitable in the absence of other levers. The modification of a production process can also generate risks which, if not properly hedged, may slow down investment decisions for manufacturers.
By taking into account economic aspects in all its studies and by carrying out actions specifically focused on these aspects, ALLICE helps its members to identify their project’s financing levers, the vectors for obtaining sufficient profitability or the instruments for hedging the risks associated with their investments. This includes:
In 2024, ALLICE will conduct:

  • A benchmark of European countries' aid and schemes for decarbonising industry.
  • A market study on heat pump solutions available on the market
  • A technical and economic study on the integration of heat pump solutions available on the market
  • A state of the art (updated 2021 study) on emerging solutions on the heat pump market
  • A study on the barriers and levers for the deployment of thermal storage