On 14|12|2022 Published on 14|12|2022
The development of our Alliance and the recognition of the quality of our work by our partners, who have decided to contribute to the financing of certain of our studies, have enabled us to increase our research budget for 2023. The result? More work for the same membership fee and greater legitimacy for ALLICE. We can already announce the launch of 9 themes! 



  • Strategies for reducing the power consumption of industrial processes: Given the uncertainty over the availability of electricity, what are the strategies for reducing the power consumption of industrial processes? Who are the stakeholders and which solutions need to be mobilised?
  • Decarbonisation of utilities and networks on industrial sites: ALLICE wishes to identify and compare decarbonisation solutions applicable to utilities, from their production to the optimal management of the various networks.
  • Decarbonising the food-processing industry: How can we accelerate decarbonisation in a diffuse and highly diversified sector? Which roadmap(s) can be adapted to these specificities?
  • New business models for decarbonisation: What impact will decarbonisation have on production costs? Which new models and which transformation of value chains? An analysis of the underlying trends and the role of financing players?
  • Energy hybridisation of industrial processes: Energy hybridisation involves combining technologies that operate with different energy sources. Which combinations are possible? What are the short-term decarbonisation project opportunities for manufacturers thanks to hybridisation?
  • Cogeneration / trigeneration, opportunities for improving the performance of waste heat recovery systems: How can the coefficients of performance and energy yields of heat-to-electricity systems be improved? We will identify cogeneration/trigeneration opportunities for the recovery of waste heat.


  • Solutions to prevent fouling of exchangers for optimum heat recovery: How can fouling of exchangers, the key technological building blocks of heat recovery in industry, be minimised? ALLICE will identify the levers to solve this problem.
  • Systemic analysis methodologies for improving energy efficiency on industrial sites: A systems approach is a necessary part of any energy recovery project. What opportunities do systemic analysis methods offer for different industrial sectors?
  • Ecodesign of industrial processes: In a context where processes are being renewed or new units are being set up, this state of the art will present ecodesign methodologies and solutions - on the market or under development.
We've already produced around twenty collective studies and state of the art reports! You can discover them on the page dedicated to our collective studies. Would you like to find out more about our work? Contact us now!