Find out about the 2024 study topics voted for by members!

On 09|01|2024 Published on 09|01|2024
In 2024, we changed our process for selecting study topics to adapt to our growth and to reflect the diversity of our members' profiles, representing the entire decarbonisation value chain.

Working groups have been organised around 4 key themes:

  • Circularity and economic and financial models
  • Integration of renewable energy and electrification
  • Heat
  • Efficient processes
These working groups brought together a large number of our members, who were able to discuss and refine the proposals submitted for voting!

Find out now about the topics that will be covered in 2024: :

  • Benchmark of European countries' support and measures for decarbonising industry
  • Flue gas treatment as a vector for industrial heat recovery
  • Summary of prospective studies on the future availability of biomass
  • Deployment of heat pumps in industry: market, integration issues and emerging solutions
    • Market study of solutions available on the market
    • Techno-economic study of the integration of solutions available on the market
    • State of the art (updated 2021 study) on emerging solutions,
  • Summary of prospective studies into the future availability of hydrogen,
  • Barriers and levers for the deployment of thermal storage
As part of our approach to 2024, we also wanted to take into account previous work (now numbering more than 30 studies) and we will be proposing new subjects in the course of the year, aimed either at continuing previous studies or updating them.