FIRE 2024: Submit your projects !

On 19|02|2024 Published on 19|02|2024
At a time when the imperatives of decarbonisation and energy efficiency are increasingly ambitious and imperative, FIRE is broadening its outlook and opening up to the full range of industrial heat issues.

This change is part of a drive to present manufacturers with the existing levers for action, enabling them to tackle the use of heat in all its forms, as closely as possible to the challenges they face on a daily basis.

The theme of the 2024 event will be "Industrial heat: the challenges, from production to recovery".

Do you have any practical experience to share?
Large-scale, mature projects with a track record of success?
Respond to our call for papers until 26 March 2024!

The aim of our event is to encourage peer-to-peer sharing of experience and success stories. Priority will therefore be given to submissions from industrial operators with projects incorporating mature technologies.

The call for abstracts is structured around the following sub-themes

  • New low-carbon heat production methods
  • Efficient uses of heat
  • Heat recovery and utilisation
Expected keywords :

  • Solar thermal / biomass / geothermal / low-carbon gases / combustion / hybridisation / electrification
  • Sobriety / Optimisation / energy efficiency / energy integration / utilities / steam / networks / processes / cooking / drying / pasteurisation / heat treatment / sterilisation
  • Exchanger / thermal storage / heat pumps / fouling / heat conversion / waste heat
  • Financing / regulation
Please send your applications to